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Ake Lindstrom

Ake has spent most of his life in Sudan and Tanzania after being born in Kenya and educated in the UK. He is one of East Africa’s most knowledgeable and innovative guides. After many years working with award-winning tourism companies, Ake founded what has quickly become one of the best mountain climbing outfitters in East Africa. He can often be found guiding mountain expeditions, exploring remote wilderness areas on foot, or biking to unexplored places.

His ability to pioneer and execute new adventures for all types of travellers, from enthusiastic beginners to highly-skilled adventure seekers, brings a wealth of invaluable experience to our programs.

Ake has successfully climbed and guided many peaks including Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, and Cotopaxi to name just a few. With Ake leading your trek, climb or safari, you are sure to become fast friends and will be planning your next adventure!


Ben McCullough

Ben is passionate about epic adventures, ethical travel and sustainable tourism. Born and raised in the South West of England, he has travelled and worked across continents from South America to East Africa with a little Europe in between.

Ben loves to be out on the trails, has fantastic people skills is a strong leader and loves a good story. He has guided and climbed with groups across the European Alps, The Himalaya, Peru, Ecuador, North Africa and several East African peaks, Kilimanjaro will always be the one mountain that keeps him coming back for more.  Having guided large groups and our more private boutique trips, he has the experience and ability to carefully assess a team, make strong informed decisions that ensure our crew and guests stay safe, get the best from their experiences and ensure all of our guests have the very best chances to achieve their goals. 

When he's not out adventuring or building new experiences, Ben also handles sales and operations. You can be confident he knows and understands all aspects of our adventures from bottom to top and can tailor an incredible experience for you!