In February 2019 our team on the ground, Summits Africa, facilitated the Comic Relief challenge ReturnToKili, where 9 celebrities were successful in their bid to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro along this route. You too could follow in their footsteps!


northern circuit

A different take on Kilimanjaro. While this route misses some of the dramatic geological features of the standard routes, such as Machame and Lemosho, it does head way off the beaten track and has a charm all of its own. For those that want the most remote trip, this is it.

Starting on the Western side of Kilimanjaro at the Lemosho Trail Head, this route is one of the least used and heads up around the Kibo Massif in an clockwise direction, skirting around to School Hut for a summit attempt from the eastern side via Gilmans Point.